European Control Conference 2007
July 2-5, 2007, Kos, Greece

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Last updated on August 14, 2007. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

ECC'07 Keyword Index

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Adaptive systems

ThA04.3, ThA13.6, ThC04.4, ThC04.5, ThC13.3, ThC13.4, ThD04.2, ThD04.7, ThD09.3, ThD10.5, ThD11.5, ThD12.1, ThD12.5, ThD12.6, TuA02.3, TuA04.1, TuA04.2, TuA04.4, TuA05.5, TuA08.1, TuA10.1, TuA10.4, TuA10.6, TuA15.1, TuA15.2, TuA15.5, TuB02.1, TuB02.2, TuB04.1, TuB04.2, TuB04.3, TuB04.4, TuB04.5, TuB04.6, TuB06.1, TuB13.3, TuC04.2, TuC04.3, TuC04.4, TuC05.1, TuC09.2, TuC09.4, TuC13.5, TuD06.2, TuD09.3, TuD10.6, TuD12.3, TuD13.3, TuD13.6, TuDI16.6, WeA01.3, WeA02.1, WeA10.1, WeC04.4, WeC09.1, WeC09.6, WeD11.3
See also Direct adaptive control, Indirect adaptive control, Iterative learning control, Robust adaptive control


ThA01.4, ThA01.5, ThA07.4, ThA14.6, ThC05.5, TuA08.1, TuA08.2, TuA08.4, TuA08.5, TuA15.5, TuB10.6, TuCI16.3, TuCI16.4, TuD04.3, TuD04.4, TuD05.5, TuD10.2, TuD10.5, TuD11.2, TuD13.5, TuD13.6, TuDI16.4, WeA04.1, WeA15.2, WeA15.4, WeA15.5, WeC03.1, WeC08.1, WeC08.2, WeC08.3, WeC08.4, WeC08.5, WeC08.6, WeC10.3, WeC10.5, WeC11.6, WeD04.6, WeD07.6, WeD08.1, WeD08.2, WeD08.3, WeD08.4, WeD08.5
See also Control applications

Agents and autonomous systems

ThA04.7, ThA08.1, ThA08.2, ThA08.3, ThA08.5, ThA08.6, ThD02.1, TuA14.4, TuB04.3, TuB08.1, TuB08.2, TuB08.3, TuB08.4, TuB08.5, TuB08.6, TuB09.6, TuC08.1, TuC08.2, TuC08.4, TuC08.5, TuD08.2, TuD08.3, TuD08.4, TuD08.6, TuD09.1, TuDI16.7, TuDI16.10, WeA08.1, WeA08.2, WeA08.5, WeA08.6, WeA15.1, WeA15.3, WeC02.1, WeD15.1, WeD15.3
See also Autonomous systems

Algebraic/geometric methods

ThA06.3, ThA07.1, ThA14.1, ThA14.2, ThA14.3, ThC01.5, ThD08.2, ThD11.2, ThD11.4, ThD12.4, TuA09.2, TuA13.1, TuA14.3, TuC08.4, TuCI16.2, TuD14.2, WeA13.5, WeA14.6, WeC09.4, WeC13.6, WeC14.2, WeC14.5, WeD14.5, WeD14.6
See also Nonlinear systems


ThA03.4, TuA07.2, WeA10.6
See also Discrete event systems


ThA09.5, ThC10.4, TuA02.1, TuA02.2, TuA02.3, TuA02.4, TuA02.5, TuA02.6, TuA10.1, TuB02.1, TuB02.2, TuB02.3, TuB02.4, TuB02.5, TuB02.6, TuB12.5, TuB12.6, TuC02.1, TuC02.2, TuC02.3, TuC02.4, TuC02.5, TuC02.6, TuC10.1, TuC12.3, TuC15.2, TuC15.3, TuC15.4, TuC15.5, TuD02.1, TuD02.2, TuD02.3, TuD02.4, TuD02.5, TuD02.6, TuD05.3, TuD05.5, TuD08.5, TuD09.3, TuD10.4, TuD15.1, TuD15.2, TuD15.3, TuD15.4, WeC09.2, WeC11.2, WeD10.4, WeD10.6, WePP.1
See also Control applications

Autonomous systems

ThA04.3, ThA08.6, ThA10.3, ThD02.2, ThD02.3, ThD02.4, ThD02.5, TuA08.3, TuA08.6, TuA10.2, TuB01.5, TuB07.4, TuB08.3, TuB08.6, TuC01.3, TuC05.5, TuC08.6, TuD07.5, TuD08.1, TuD08.5, TuD10.2, WeA08.3, WeA08.4, WeA15.1, WeA15.3, WeA15.4, WeD08.3, WeD11.4, WeSPSP.1
See also Agents and autonomous systems, Cooperative control



Behavioral systems

ThA03.1, ThA09.1, ThC02.2, ThC12.1, ThC12.2, ThC12.3, ThC12.4, ThC12.5, ThC12.6, ThD01.6, ThSPP.1, TuB14.1, WeC03.1, WeD02.1, WeD11.4

Biological systems

ThA06.1, ThA13.3, ThA13.4, ThA15.2, ThC05.1, ThC07.5, ThC13.5, TuB07.1, TuB13.3, TuDI16.1, TuDI16.12, WeA03.1, WeA03.3, WeC12.4, WeD01.1, WeD01.2, WeD01.3, WeD01.4, WeD01.5, WeD12.5
See also Biomedical systems

Biomedical systems

ThD02.2, TuD07.5, TuD09.2, TuDI16.1, WeA01.1, WeA01.2, WeA01.3, WeA01.4, WeA01.5, WeA01.6, WeC01.1, WeC01.2, WeC01.3, WeC01.4, WeC01.5, WeC01.6, WeC03.4
See also Biological systems



Chaotic systems

ThD08.1, ThD14.2, ThD14.6, TuC13.3, WeA03.5
See also Nonlinear systems

Computational Methods

ThA05.3, ThA08.1, ThA10.3, ThA10.4, ThC05.5, TuA13.2, TuA13.3, TuA13.4, TuA13.5, TuB03.5, TuB07.1, TuB13.1, TuB13.2, TuB13.4, TuB13.5, TuB14.2, TuC03.5, TuC06.5, TuC13.4, TuC14.1, TuD08.2, TuD11.1, TuD13.1, TuD13.2, TuD13.4, TuD14.6, TuDI16.8, WeA01.5, WeA08.1, WeA09.3, WeA13.1, WeA13.2, WeA13.4, WeA13.5, WeC06.2, WeC07.3, WeC07.6, WeC13.2, WeC13.4, WeC13.5, WeC14.1
See also Computer aided control design, LMIs

Computer aided control design

ThA05.3, ThA07.4, ThD03.1, ThD07.1, ThSPSP.1, TuA13.2, TuA13.4, TuA13.5, TuA13.6, TuB10.1, TuB13.4, TuB13.5, TuCI16.8, TuD14.6, TuDI16.11, WeA05.2, WeA13.3, WeC13.6
See also Computational Methods

Constrained control

ThA02.6, ThA03.6, ThA12.1, ThA12.2, ThA12.4, ThC10.5, ThC13.6, ThC14.6, ThD07.3, ThD12.4, TuA04.5, TuA05.4, TuA09.4, TuA12.4, TuC12.2, TuC12.4, TuD03.2, TuD03.3, TuD04.4, TuD04.5, TuD04.6, TuD06.4, TuD13.5, WeC01.6, WeC02.6, WeC05.1, WeC05.2, WeC05.3, WeC05.4, WeC05.5, WeC05.6, WeC07.6, WeC10.5, WeC11.6, WeC15.1
See also Nonlinear systems

Control applications

ThA02.2, ThA02.3, ThA02.4, ThA02.6, ThA04.7, ThA07.6, ThA10.1, ThA10.2, ThA10.4, ThA10.5, ThA10.6, ThA12.1, ThA12.2, ThA12.6, ThC02.5, ThC08.4, ThC09.1, ThC10.1, ThC10.3, ThC10.4, ThC10.5, ThC10.6, ThC13.3, ThD02.1, ThD02.4, ThD02.6, ThD10.2, ThD10.3, ThD10.4, ThD10.5, ThD12.1, ThD12.5, ThD13.1, ThD13.5, ThD14.3, ThD14.5, ThSPSP.1, TuA01.5, TuA02.6, TuA04.3, TuA04.4, TuA08.3, TuA09.2, TuA10.1, TuA10.4, TuA10.5, TuA10.6, TuA13.1, TuB02.1, TuB02.4, TuB10.1, TuB10.5, TuB10.6, TuB13.3, TuC02.1, TuC02.3, TuC03.6, TuC04.1, TuC05.6, TuC06.2, TuC07.4, TuC10.2, TuC10.3, TuC10.4, TuC10.5, TuC15.1, TuC15.2, TuC15.3, TuC15.4, TuC15.5, TuCI16.6, TuCI16.8, TuD02.3, TuD04.4, TuD05.6, TuD06.5, TuD08.3, TuD10.1, TuD10.2, TuD10.3, TuD12.5, TuD15.1, TuD15.2, TuD15.3, TuDI16.11, TuDI16.12, WeA01.2, WeA01.6, WeA02.1, WeA02.5, WeA05.4, WeA09.2, WeA10.1, WeA10.2, WeA10.3, WeA10.4, WeA12.1, WeA12.3, WeA12.5, WeC01.1, WeC01.3, WeC02.2, WeC02.5, WeC03.4, WeC03.5, WeC04.6, WeC06.5, WeC07.4, WeC08.1, WeC08.2, WeC09.1, WeC10.1, WeC10.2, WeC10.3, WeC10.4, WeC10.5, WeC10.6, WeC12.2, WeC12.5, WeC13.2, WeC13.4, WeD02.5, WeD03.2, WeD07.2, WeD07.6, WeD08.6, WeD10.6, WeD12.1, WeD12.5
See also Aerospace, Automotive, Control of communication networks, MEMS, Manufacturing systems, Mechanical systems/robotics, Mechatronics, Process control, Visual servo control

Control education

ThC12.1, TuA07.4, TuA07.5, TuB10.1, TuCI16.6, TuCI16.8, WeA05.1, WeA05.2, WeA05.3, WeA05.4, WeA05.5, WeA05.6

Control of communication networks

ThA01.3, TuA01.5, TuC01.1, TuC01.2, TuC01.4, TuC01.6, TuC11.1, TuD01.2, TuD01.3, TuD01.4, TuD01.5, TuD01.6, WeA13.1
See also Control applications

Control of networks

ThA01.1, ThPP.1, TuB07.2, TuC01.2, TuD01.1, TuD01.2, TuD01.3, TuD01.4, TuD01.5, WeA11.4, WeC04.2, WeD15.1

Cooperative control

ThA08.1, ThA08.2, ThA08.3, ThA08.4, ThA08.5, ThA08.6, TuA01.4, TuB01.5, TuB08.1, TuB08.2, TuB08.4, TuB08.5, TuB08.6, TuC08.2, TuC08.3, TuD08.1, TuDI16.4, TuDI16.10, WeA08.2, WeA08.6, WeA15.1, WeA15.3, WeC02.1
See also Autonomous systems



Delay systems

ThA05.4, ThA07.2, ThA14.4, ThC01.4, ThC05.1, ThC08.1, ThC10.6, ThD01.3, ThD07.1, ThD07.2, ThD07.3, ThD07.4, ThD07.5, ThD07.6, TuA02.6, TuA06.2, TuA06.5, TuB09.2, TuCI16.1, TuCI16.10, TuD04.1, TuD08.2, WeA12.6, WeA14.2, WeC06.1, WeD13.1, WeD13.2, WeD13.4, WeD13.5
See also Distributed parameter systems

Digital/sampled data control

ThA01.2, ThA11.2, ThA11.4, ThC01.1, ThC11.1, ThC11.2, ThC11.3, ThC11.4, ThC11.5, ThC11.6, ThC14.1, ThD11.1, ThD11.4, ThD11.5, TuA01.1, TuA04.3, TuA10.3, TuA10.6, TuA11.6, TuA12.6, TuB13.2, TuB15.1, TuB15.2, TuB15.3, TuB15.4, TuB15.5, TuC14.3, TuD03.1, TuD14.6, WeA05.2

Direct adaptive control

ThD04.2, ThD04.4, ThD04.7, ThD13.2, TuA04.1, TuA04.3, TuA04.4, TuA04.5, TuA04.6, TuC04.5, TuCI16.12, WeD13.1
See also Adaptive systems

Discrete event systems

ThA03.1, ThA03.2, ThA03.3, ThA03.4, ThA03.6, ThC03.2, ThC03.3, ThC03.4, ThC03.5, ThC03.6, ThD03.1, ThD03.2, ThD03.4, TuDI16.2, WeD07.5, WeD13.4, WeD13.5
See also Automata, Petri Nets, Supervisory control

Distributed parameter systems

ThA05.1, ThA05.2, ThA05.4, ThA05.6, ThA06.3, ThA14.3, ThC05.2, ThC05.3, ThC05.4, ThC05.6, ThC08.6, ThD05.1, ThD05.2, ThD05.3, ThD05.4, ThD05.5, ThD05.6, ThD13.3, TuA09.5, TuB12.2, TuD02.2, TuD12.3, WeD10.1, WeD12.4
See also Delay systems



Emerging control applications

ThA10.2, ThA11.5, ThC09.1, ThD03.6, TuA01.2, TuB07.2, TuB07.6, TuC01.6, TuD05.3, TuE15.1, WeA02.3, WeA10.5, WeD06.5, WeD08.3

Emerging control theory

ThC02.3, TuA14.5, TuB03.2, TuB07.3, TuE15.1, WeA10.5, WeA14.1


ThA06.5, ThA10.1, ThA10.5, ThA12.3, ThC05.3, ThC07.4, ThC08.2, ThC09.2, ThC11.1, ThD01.3, ThD04.7, ThD05.2, ThD08.4, ThD08.6, ThD09.6, TuA04.6, TuA09.1, TuA09.2, TuA09.3, TuA09.6, TuA11.3, TuA11.5, TuB02.2, TuB09.3, TuB09.6, TuB10.2, TuB14.3, TuC02.5, TuC04.5, TuC07.2, TuC09.1, TuC09.2, TuC09.3, TuC09.4, TuC09.5, TuC09.6, TuC13.3, TuC15.1, TuC15.2, TuC15.3, TuC15.4, TuC15.5, TuCI16.9, TuCI16.12, TuD01.6, TuD09.1, TuD09.2, TuD09.4, TuD09.5, TuD15.1, TuD15.3, TuDI16.1, WeA04.3, WeA06.6, WeA08.4, WeA09.1, WeA09.5, WeC06.4, WeC09.1, WeC09.2, WeC09.3, WeC09.6, WeD01.3, WeD03.5, WeD04.2, WeD08.1, WeD09.1, WeD09.2



Fault detection/accomodation

ThA01.4, ThA01.5, ThA01.6, ThA10.6, ThC11.1, ThC13.5, ThD03.4, ThD08.4, TuA05.1, TuA11.1, TuA11.2, TuA11.3, TuA11.4, TuA11.5, TuA11.6, TuB10.4, TuB11.1, TuB11.2, TuB11.3, TuB11.4, TuB11.5, TuB11.6, TuC10.3, TuC11.1, TuC11.2, TuC11.3, TuC11.4, TuC11.5, TuC11.6, TuC14.2, TuCI16.4, TuCI16.5, TuD02.5, TuD09.4, TuD11.1, TuD11.2, TuD11.3, TuD11.4, TuD11.5, TuD11.6, WeA10.6, WeA11.1, WeA11.2, WeA11.3, WeA11.4, WeA11.5, WeA11.6, WeC04.1, WeC08.6, WeC09.6, WeC11.1, WeC11.4, WeC11.5, WeD04.4, WeD04.6
See also Fault Detection/Accomodation, Fault-tolerant systems

Fault-tolerant systems

ThA01.6, TuA01.2, TuA11.4, TuB02.3, TuB03.3, TuB11.2, TuB11.5, TuCI16.5, WeA01.4, WeA11.3, WeC11.1, WeC11.2, WeC11.3, WeC11.4, WeC11.5, WeC11.6, WeC15.1, WeC15.3, WeC15.4, WeC15.5, WeD11.1, WeD11.2, WeD11.3, WeD11.4, WeD11.5, WeD11.6
See also Fault Detection/Accomodation

Feedback linearization

ThA02.5, ThA05.2, ThA10.2, ThA11.1, ThC07.1, ThC09.5, ThC14.4, TuD02.4, WeC02.3, WeC13.5, WeC14.5, WeD04.5, WeD14.4, WeD14.6
See also Nonlinear systems


TuB09.3, TuC09.3, TuC14.6, TuD13.3, WeA08.4, WeA09.2, WeA09.4, WeD06.3
See also Stochastic systems

Fuzzy systems

ThA04.2, ThA04.6, ThC03.6, ThD02.3, TuA02.2, TuA05.1, TuA05.2, TuA05.3, TuA05.4, TuA05.5, TuA05.6, TuB02.3, TuB05.1, TuB05.2, TuB05.3, TuB05.4, TuB05.5, TuB11.1, TuC13.5, TuD07.1, WeA07.4, WeA10.1, WeA11.5, WeD04.4
See also Intelligent systems



Hybrid systems

ThA13.5, ThA15.1, ThA15.2, ThA15.3, ThD03.3, TuA02.3, TuA02.4, TuA03.1, TuA03.2, TuA03.4, TuA03.5, TuB02.6, TuB03.2, TuB03.3, TuB03.6, TuB08.5, TuB11.6, TuC03.1, TuC03.2, TuC03.3, TuC03.4, TuC03.5, TuC03.6, TuC06.5, TuC12.1, TuD03.4, TuD03.5, TuD12.2, WeA03.1, WeA03.3, WeA03.4, WeA10.6, WeA14.5, WeC05.3, WeC06.5, WeC11.4
See also Quantized systems, Stability of hybrid systems, Switched systems




ThA06.3, ThA06.4, ThA06.5, ThA09.1, ThA09.2, ThA09.3, ThA09.4, ThA09.5, ThA09.6, ThA10.1, ThA10.5, ThA12.5, ThA15.1, ThA15.2, ThA15.3, ThC01.2, ThC01.6, ThC06.4, ThC07.6, ThC09.1, ThC09.2, ThC09.3, ThC09.4, ThC09.5, ThC09.6, ThC10.1, ThC12.5, ThD01.2, ThD05.2, ThD09.1, ThD09.2, ThD09.3, ThD09.4, ThD09.5, ThD09.6, TuA05.3, TuA06.3, TuA09.1, TuA09.4, TuA11.5, TuB05.1, TuB09.1, TuB09.4, TuB09.5, TuB10.5, TuC09.6, TuC14.6, TuCI16.9, TuCI16.10, TuD06.2, TuD06.6, TuD07.6, TuD09.6, TuD11.4, TuD11.5, TuD12.1, TuD13.3, TuDI16.6, WeA01.5, WeA01.6, WeA03.1, WeA04.1, WeA09.6, WeC01.2, WeC09.4, WeC09.5, WeC12.3, WeC12.4, WeC12.6, WeD09.1, WeD09.2, WeD09.3, WeD09.4, WeD09.5, WeD09.6, WeD12.4

Indirect adaptive control

ThD04.4, TuA04.1, TuC04.6, TuC10.5
See also Adaptive systems

Intelligent systems

ThA04.1, ThA04.2, ThA04.3, ThA04.4, ThA04.8, ThD02.2, TuA05.1, TuA05.3, TuA05.6, TuB05.5, TuB11.3, TuC05.3, TuC08.5, TuC13.6, TuD08.5, TuD08.6, TuD10.4, TuD11.6, TuDI16.7, WeA04.6, WeA08.5, WeC11.1
See also Fuzzy systems, Neural networks

Iterative learning control

ThC07.6, TuCI16.12, WeD05.2, WeD10.5
See also Adaptive systems



Kalman filtering

ThA12.5, ThD04.3, TuA09.3, TuA11.4, TuB01.3, TuB08.1, TuC07.2, TuC09.2, TuC09.3, TuC09.4, TuC09.5, TuD01.6, TuD07.1, TuD09.1, TuD09.2, TuD09.3, TuD09.4, TuD09.5, TuD09.6, WeA09.1, WeA09.2, WeA09.3, WeA09.4, WeA09.5, WeA10.5, WeC09.3, WeC11.5, WeD02.6




ThC13.4, TuA05.2, TuA05.6, TuB04.5, TuB11.2, TuC05.6, WeA04.3, WeA04.5, WeA04.6, WeD04.3
See also Machine learning, Statistical learning

Linear parameter-varying systems

ThA01.2, ThC01.1, ThC01.2, ThC01.3, ThC01.4, ThC01.5, ThC01.6, ThC13.6, ThD01.1, ThD01.2, ThD01.3, ThD01.4, ThD01.6, ThD04.6, TuA01.1, TuA02.1, TuA06.6, TuA12.1, TuA12.5, TuB09.4, TuB12.5, TuB12.6, TuC11.5, TuD02.6, TuD10.1, TuD10.5, TuDI16.5, WeD05.2, WeD13.3
See also Linear systems

Linear systems

ThA01.1, ThA05.1, ThA07.1, ThA07.2, ThA07.4, ThA07.5, ThC02.3, ThC07.3, ThC09.3, ThC09.4, ThC10.6, ThC11.3, ThC11.5, ThC12.2, ThC12.4, ThD01.4, ThD07.1, ThD07.5, ThD09.1, ThSPP.1, TuA04.2, TuA09.4, TuA09.5, TuA13.4, TuA13.6, TuA14.1, TuA14.2, TuA14.5, TuA14.6, TuB03.1, TuB03.6, TuB04.6, TuB06.6, TuB10.6, TuB12.1, TuB13.2, TuB13.5, TuB13.6, TuB14.1, TuB14.3, TuB14.4, TuB14.5, TuB14.6, TuC03.6, TuC13.1, TuC14.1, TuC14.3, TuC14.5, TuCI16.5, TuCI16.10, TuD03.2, TuD06.3, TuD11.3, TuD14.2, TuD14.3, TuD14.4, TuDI16.3, WeA09.5, WeA11.3, WeA13.1, WeA13.4, WeA14.6, WeC05.4, WeC06.2, WeC07.5, WeC11.3, WeD05.3, WeD05.4, WeD06.4, WeD06.6, WeD08.4, WeD09.4, WeD09.6, WeD11.2, WeD12.1, WeD13.1
See also Linear parameter-varying systems, Model reduction, Observers for linear systems, Predictive control for linear systems, Stability of linear systems


ThA04.6, ThA11.3, ThA14.4, ThC01.1, ThC07.3, ThC08.2, ThC08.4, ThC11.2, ThC14.6, ThD01.1, ThD01.5, ThD08.1, ThD08.6, ThD10.3, ThSPP.1, TuA02.1, TuA02.2, TuA05.5, TuA06.1, TuA06.4, TuA06.5, TuA06.6, TuA08.4, TuA09.5, TuA12.5, TuA14.2, TuB05.2, TuB05.3, TuB05.4, TuC13.5, TuD01.2, TuD10.1, TuDI16.8, WeA03.5, WeA06.2, WeA06.3, WeA06.6, WeA13.2, WeA14.2, WeC01.4, WeC06.3, WeC08.5, WeC13.3, WeD05.6, WeD08.4, WeD13.2, WeD13.3
See also Computational Methods



Machine learning

TuB09.3, TuC13.2, TuC13.4, TuD08.6, WeA11.1, WeD11.1
See also Learning

Manufacturing systems

ThA03.5, ThC03.2, ThD08.5, TuC05.3, TuD05.1, TuD05.2, TuD05.4, TuD05.6, WeC10.1, WeD07.3
See also Control applications

Markov processes

ThA06.1, ThA06.2, ThA06.6, ThC06.1, ThC06.2, ThD13.6, TuB07.1, TuD03.6, TuD13.2, WeA04.5
See also Stochastic systems

Mechanical systems/robotics

ThA02.1, ThA02.2, ThA02.3, ThA02.4, ThA02.5, ThA04.7, ThA13.2, ThC02.1, ThC02.2, ThC02.3, ThC02.4, ThC02.5, ThC02.6, ThC10.1, ThD02.1, ThD02.3, ThD02.4, ThD02.5, ThD02.6, TuA10.2, TuA10.4, TuA15.3, TuB04.4, TuB05.4, TuB08.3, TuC05.2, TuC05.4, TuC05.5, TuC07.4, TuC07.5, TuC08.1, TuC08.6, TuD04.2, TuD04.6, TuD06.6, TuD07.3, TuD07.5, TuD09.6, TuDI16.9, WeA01.1, WeA02.2, WeA02.5, WeA02.6, WeA04.6, WeA08.3, WeA11.6, WeC01.5, WeC02.1, WeC02.2, WeC02.3, WeC02.4, WeC02.5, WeC02.6, WeC03.5, WeC04.6, WeC08.2, WeC09.5, WeC10.1, WeC10.2, WeC10.3, WeC10.4, WeC10.6, WeC12.5, WeD02.1, WeD02.2, WeD02.3, WeD02.4, WeD02.5, WeD02.6, WeD03.1, WeD03.3, WeD07.5, WeD08.6, WeD10.5, WeD13.3, WeSPSP.1
See also Control applications


ThA02.3, ThA02.4, ThA09.5, ThC02.2, ThC10.2, ThC10.3, ThD02.6, ThD04.2, ThD05.5, ThD10.5, ThD12.2, ThD12.6, TuC05.1, TuC07.5, WeA02.1, WeA02.4, WeA02.5, WeA02.6, WeA03.4, WeA08.3, WeA10.2, WeA11.4, WeC02.2, WeC02.4, WeC05.1, WeC12.3, WeD03.2, WeD04.5
See also Control applications


TuA10.3, TuA10.5, WeA02.3
See also Control applications

Model reduction

ThA09.6, ThA10.4, ThC05.4, ThC12.2, ThD13.5, TuB12.1, TuB12.2, TuB13.6, TuC14.6, WeD12.1, WeD12.2, WeD12.3, WeD12.4, WeD12.6
See also Linear systems


ThA06.2, ThA09.1, ThA09.3, ThA13.3, ThA14.1, ThC03.1, ThC10.2, ThC12.1, ThD01.2, ThD02.5, ThD05.4, ThD10.1, ThD10.3, ThD13.4, TuA02.4, TuA07.1, TuA07.3, TuA07.4, TuA07.6, TuB02.5, TuB05.5, TuB10.2, TuB11.1, TuC01.1, TuC01.2, TuC02.2, TuC03.2, TuC05.5, TuC06.6, TuC14.1, TuC15.1, TuC15.2, TuC15.3, TuC15.4, TuC15.5, TuD05.6, TuD11.3, TuD11.4, TuD12.4, TuD15.1, TuD15.3, WeA01.2, WeA02.4, WeA04.2, WeA05.1, WeA05.4, WeA07.3, WeA10.2, WeA10.3, WeA12.2, WeA15.2, WeC01.2, WeC04.4, WeC08.1, WeC12.1, WeC12.3, WeC12.4, WeC12.5, WeC12.6, WeD01.1, WeD01.5, WeD04.1, WeD04.3, WeD05.1, WeD08.5, WeD09.3, WeD10.6, WeD11.6
See also Reduced order modeling



Networked control systems

ThA01.1, ThA01.3, ThA01.4, ThA01.5, ThA01.6, ThA08.2, ThA10.3, ThA11.2, ThD03.5, ThPP.1, TuA01.1, TuA01.2, TuA01.3, TuA01.4, TuA01.5, TuA08.1, TuB01.1, TuB01.2, TuB01.3, TuB01.4, TuB01.5, TuB01.6, TuC01.3, TuC01.4, TuC01.5, TuC05.1, TuC08.3, TuCI16.6, TuD02.1, WeA06.4, WeC06.1, WeC15.1, WeC15.2, WeC15.3, WeC15.4, WeC15.5, WeD04.1, WeD06.5, WeD15.1, WeD15.2, WeD15.3, WeD15.4, WeD15.5

Neural networks

ThA02.1, ThA04.2, ThA04.4, ThA04.5, TuC05.6, TuD07.6, TuD10.6, TuD11.2, WeA04.2, WeA04.4, WeA11.1, WeC04.1, WeC04.2, WeC04.3, WeC04.4, WeC04.5, WeC04.6, WeC13.1, WeD02.4, WeD04.1, WeD04.2, WeD04.3, WeD04.4, WeD04.5, WeD04.6
See also Intelligent systems

Nonlinear systems

ThA02.6, ThA04.5, ThA04.6, ThA05.2, ThA07.3, ThA07.5, ThA08.3, ThA09.3, ThA11.1, ThA11.2, ThA13.2, ThA13.5, ThA14.1, ThA14.3, ThA14.5, ThA14.6, ThC01.2, ThC05.6, ThC07.2, ThC09.2, ThC09.5, ThC09.6, ThC10.2, ThC11.4, ThC13.1, ThC14.1, ThC14.2, ThC14.3, ThC14.4, ThC14.5, ThD01.5, ThD05.1, ThD05.4, ThD08.2, ThD08.3, ThD10.1, ThD10.2, ThD10.4, ThD11.2, ThD11.5, ThD12.1, ThD12.2, ThD12.3, ThD12.4, ThD12.5, ThD12.6, ThD13.4, ThD13.6, ThD14.1, ThD14.4, ThD14.5, ThD14.6, TuA03.2, TuA08.5, TuA10.2, TuA15.1, TuA15.2, TuA15.5, TuB05.3, TuB09.2, TuB10.4, TuB11.5, TuC01.6, TuC03.3, TuC03.5, TuC06.4, TuC07.1, TuC08.4, TuC10.1, TuC12.5, TuC12.6, TuCI16.2, TuD04.3, TuD07.4, TuD12.1, TuDI16.9, WeA02.3, WeA04.2, WeA11.2, WeA11.5, WeA14.2, WeA14.3, WeA14.4, WeA14.5, WeA14.6, WeC02.4, WeC03.3, WeC03.6, WeC04.3, WeC05.2, WeC07.2, WeC08.3, WeC08.4, WeC09.4, WeC09.5, WeC10.2, WeC12.1, WeC12.6, WeC13.1, WeC13.5, WeC13.6, WeC14.2, WeC14.4, WeD01.4, WeD01.5, WeD02.1, WeD02.3, WeD03.3, WeD03.6, WeD08.1, WeD08.6, WeD09.1, WeD09.3, WeD10.2, WeD10.3, WeD12.2, WeD14.1, WeD14.2, WeD14.4, WeD14.6
See also Algebraic/geometric methods, Chaotic systems, Constrained control, Feedback linearization, Observers for nonlinear systems, Output feedback, Output regulation, Predictive control for nonlinear systems, Sliding mode control, Stability of nonlinear systems, Time-varying systems



Observers for linear systems

ThA11.5, ThC07.4, ThC08.1, ThC08.2, ThC08.3, ThC08.5, ThC08.6, ThC11.5, TuA09.3, TuA11.3, TuB05.2, TuB11.6, TuC14.2, TuCI16.4, TuCI16.11, TuDI16.5, WeD01.3, WeD05.6
See also Linear systems

Observers for nonlinear systems

ThC07.5, ThC08.4, ThC11.4, ThC13.1, ThD01.5, ThD08.1, ThD08.2, ThD08.3, ThD08.4, ThD08.5, ThD08.6, ThD11.3, ThD11.4, ThD14.2, TuA15.3, TuB11.4, TuB15.4, TuB15.5, TuD02.5, TuD07.3, TuD07.4, WeA03.5, WeC04.1, WeC09.3, WeD02.2, WeD03.5
See also Nonlinear systems

Optimal control

ThA04.4, ThA05.4, ThA05.6, ThA07.2, ThA07.3, ThA14.2, ThC02.6, ThC03.1, ThC05.5, ThC06.1, ThC12.5, ThC14.2, ThD01.6, ThD05.6, TuA06.4, TuB01.1, TuB01.2, TuB01.6, TuB10.3, TuB10.5, TuB14.6, TuC01.1, TuC03.1, TuC03.2, TuC03.3, TuC03.4, TuC04.3, TuC12.3, TuC12.4, TuC13.1, TuC14.4, TuD02.1, TuD03.6, TuD04.5, TuD06.3, TuD08.3, TuD10.4, TuD13.2, TuD14.4, WeA04.5, WeA07.1, WeA12.1, WeA13.3, WeC01.1, WeC04.3, WeC07.1, WeC07.2, WeC07.3, WeC07.4, WeC07.5, WeC07.6, WeC12.1, WeC14.3, WeC14.4, WeD02.4, WeD05.4, WeD07.1, WeD07.2, WeD07.3, WeD07.4, WeD07.5, WeD07.6
See also Optimization


ThA03.6, ThA09.6, ThA12.6, ThC06.5, ThC09.3, ThC09.6, ThC13.2, ThD01.4, TuA09.1, TuA12.3, TuA12.6, TuA13.2, TuA13.5, TuA13.6, TuB04.5, TuB07.2, TuB07.5, TuB13.4, TuB14.5, TuC02.2, TuC02.6, TuC06.1, TuC06.3, TuC09.1, TuC11.1, TuC11.6, TuC12.1, TuC13.1, TuC13.6, TuCI16.7, TuD01.3, TuD03.3, TuD05.2, TuD10.3, TuD13.6, TuDI16.4, TuDI16.12, WeA04.3, WeA07.2, WeA07.3, WeA07.4, WeA07.5, WeA07.6, WeC05.2, WeC05.5, WeC06.4, WeC07.1, WeC13.1, WeC14.1, WeD07.2, WeSPSP.1
See also Optimal control, Optimization algorithms, Variational methods

Optimization algorithms

ThA03.3, ThA05.3, ThA11.3, ThC01.5, ThC05.3, ThC11.6, ThC14.3, ThSPSP.1, TuA08.3, TuA13.3, TuB03.5, TuB10.3, TuB12.4, TuC05.3, TuC09.1, TuC13.3, TuC13.4, TuD01.5, TuD12.2, TuD12.4, TuD13.1, TuD13.5, WeA06.1, WeA07.1, WeA07.6, WeA08.1, WeA13.2
See also Optimization

Output feedback

ThA05.6, ThA14.5, ThC05.6, ThD14.4, ThD14.5, TuA05.4, TuA10.3, TuA14.1, TuA15.1, TuA15.4, TuB06.4, TuC04.2, TuC10.5, TuCI16.1, TuD03.6, TuD14.2, WeA12.5, WeC03.2, WeC05.6, WeC08.5, WeD02.3, WeD03.6, WeD10.4
See also Nonlinear systems

Output regulation

ThC05.2, ThC14.5, ThD12.2, TuB06.4, TuC10.1, TuD06.1, WeC14.5, WeD10.4
See also Nonlinear systems



Petri Nets

ThA03.3, ThA03.5, ThC03.1, TuCI16.7, TuD05.2
See also Discrete event systems

Predictive control for linear systems

ThA10.6, ThA12.4, ThA12.5, TuA12.1, TuA12.2, TuA12.3, TuA12.4, TuA12.5, TuA12.6, TuB12.2, TuB12.3, TuC01.4, TuD08.4, WeA08.2, WeA12.1, WeA12.2, WeA12.3, WeA12.4, WeC05.3
See also Linear systems

Predictive control for nonlinear systems

ThA12.6, ThC02.6, ThC03.2, ThC13.2, TuA13.1, TuB12.5, TuC10.4, TuC12.1, TuC12.2, TuC12.3, TuC12.4, TuC12.5, TuC12.6, TuC13.2, TuD06.4, TuD12.1, TuD12.2, TuD12.3, TuD12.4, TuD12.5, TuD12.6, WeA09.3, WeA12.5, WeA12.6, WeA15.2, WeC01.6, WeC14.1, WeC14.3, WeD07.1, WeD11.1
See also Nonlinear systems

Process control

ThA12.3, ThA12.4, ThA13.1, ThA13.2, ThA13.3, ThA13.4, ThA13.5, ThA13.6, ThC05.1, ThC05.4, ThC11.6, ThC13.1, ThC13.2, ThC13.3, ThC13.4, ThC13.5, ThC13.6, ThD03.3, ThD03.5, ThD05.6, ThD13.1, ThD13.2, ThD13.3, ThD13.4, ThD13.5, ThD13.6, TuA12.4, TuB10.3, TuB12.1, TuC04.5, TuC04.6, TuC05.4, TuC10.4, TuC12.6, TuC13.6, TuC14.4, TuD02.3, TuD05.4, TuD11.5, TuD12.6, TuDI16.11, WeA07.5, WeA12.2, WeA12.4, WeA12.6, WeD10.1, WeD10.2, WeD10.3, WeD12.5, WeD12.6
See also Control applications



Quantized systems

ThA11.1, ThA11.3, ThA11.4, ThA11.5, ThA11.6, TuB01.1, TuC01.5, WeC05.1
See also Hybrid systems

Quantum control

TuB07.5, TuCI16.2, TuD13.4



Randomized algorithms

TuA12.1, TuB13.1, TuDI16.2, WeA03.2, WeA04.4, WeC13.3, WeSPP.1
See also Uncertain systems

Reduced order modeling

ThD08.5, TuB05.1, TuB14.2, WeA04.1, WeC12.2, WeD01.4, WeD12.2, WeD12.6
See also Modeling

Robust adaptive control

ThA02.1, ThA13.4, ThC04.1, ThC04.2, ThC04.3, ThC04.4, ThC04.7, ThD04.1, ThD04.3, ThD04.4, ThD04.5, ThD04.6, ThD04.8, TuA06.3, TuB04.2, TuB06.4, TuC04.1, TuC04.2, TuC04.4, TuC04.6, TuC13.2, TuD05.5, WeA03.4, WeC04.2, WeC04.5
See also Adaptive systems

Robust control

ThA01.2, ThA05.5, ThA07.5, ThA11.4, ThA11.6, ThC01.4, ThC04.6, ThC05.2, ThC07.3, ThC10.3, ThC11.3, ThC14.2, ThC14.3, ThD01.1, ThD03.2, ThD07.2, ThD12.3, ThD13.3, TuA02.5, TuA06.1, TuA06.2, TuA06.3, TuA06.4, TuA06.6, TuA08.6, TuA12.2, TuA14.5, TuA14.6, TuB02.4, TuB06.1, TuB06.2, TuB06.3, TuB06.5, TuB06.6, TuB07.4, TuB12.4, TuB12.6, TuB13.1, TuC02.4, TuC02.6, TuC06.1, TuC06.2, TuC06.3, TuC06.4, TuC06.5, TuC06.6, TuC07.2, TuC09.5, TuC12.2, TuD01.4, TuD02.6, TuD05.1, TuD06.1, TuD06.2, TuD06.3, TuD06.4, TuD06.5, TuD06.6, TuD08.4, TuD10.5, TuD14.1, TuDI16.3, TuDI16.8, WeA02.4, WeA05.3, WeA06.1, WeA06.2, WeA06.5, WeA07.2, WeA10.3, WeA10.4, WeA13.4, WeA14.1, WeC01.4, WeC05.6, WeC06.3, WeC07.5, WeC13.3, WeD01.2, WeD03.4, WeD06.1, WeD06.2, WeD06.4, WeD06.6, WeD11.6, WeD14.3
See also Uncertain systems



Sliding mode control

ThA11.6, ThC02.4, ThC02.5, ThC08.3, ThC08.5, ThD14.3, TuA02.5, TuB11.4, TuC08.2, TuC08.3, TuC12.5, TuD08.1, WeC03.1, WeC03.2, WeC03.3, WeC03.4, WeC03.5, WeC03.6, WeC09.2, WeC11.3, WeD03.1, WeD03.2, WeD03.3, WeD03.4, WeD03.5, WeD03.6
See also Nonlinear systems

Stability of hybrid systems

ThC07.2, ThC14.1, TuA03.1, TuA03.2, TuA03.3, TuA03.5, TuB03.4, WeC02.3
See also Hybrid systems

Stability of linear systems

ThC04.6, ThC06.3, ThC06.4, ThC07.1, ThC07.6, ThD05.5, ThD07.2, ThD07.3, ThD07.4, ThD07.5, TuA01.4, TuA13.3, TuA14.2, TuA14.3, TuA14.4, TuA14.6, TuB06.3, TuB06.5, TuB14.4, TuD14.3, TuD14.5, WeA06.3, WeA06.5, WeD05.5, WeD06.1, WeD08.5, WeD13.2, WeD13.4, WeD13.5
See also Linear systems

Stability of nonlinear systems

ThA14.4, ThA14.5, ThC14.4, ThD08.3, ThD10.1, ThD11.1, ThD14.2, TuA03.3, TuA03.4, TuA06.2, TuA14.3, TuB06.1, TuB09.2, TuC07.1, TuCI16.1, TuD04.1, TuD04.2, TuD04.3, WeA06.4, WeA14.5, WeC14.2, WeD14.1, WeD14.2, WeD14.3, WeD14.5
See also Nonlinear systems

Statistical learning

TuA09.6, TuB11.3, TuC11.4, WeA04.4
See also Learning

Stochastic systems

ThA06.1, ThA06.2, ThA06.6, ThC06.2, ThC06.3, ThC06.5, ThC06.6, ThC09.4, ThD09.5, TuB01.2, TuB01.6, TuB07.3, TuB15.3, TuC14.2, TuD03.4, TuD03.5, TuD14.5, TuDI16.2, TuDI16.10, WeA07.6, WeA09.1, WeC02.5, WeC07.4, WeC14.3, WeC14.4, WeD06.3, WeD07.4, WeD09.2
See also Filtering, Markov processes

Supervisory control

ThA03.4, ThA03.5, ThC03.3, ThC03.4, ThC03.5, ThC03.6, ThD03.1, ThD03.2, ThD03.3, ThD03.4, ThD03.5, ThD03.6, TuB04.1, TuB07.4, TuD05.4, TuD11.1, WeA12.4
See also Discrete event systems

Switched systems

ThA15.1, ThC06.1, ThC07.2, ThC12.4, ThC14.6, ThD14.3, TuA03.1, TuA03.4, TuA03.5, TuA08.4, TuB03.1, TuB03.2, TuB03.3, TuB03.4, TuB03.5, TuB03.6, TuB04.2, TuB04.3, TuB04.4, TuB08.2, TuB10.2, TuC04.1, TuD03.1, TuD03.2, TuD03.3, TuD03.4, TuD03.5, WeA03.2, WeA03.3, WeC05.4, WeC11.2, WeD06.2, WeD09.5, WeD11.2, WeD11.3, WeD14.5
See also Hybrid systems



Time-varying systems

ThA14.2, ThC01.6, ThD09.5, ThD11.3, TuA11.6, TuB07.3, TuC04.4, TuC14.3, TuCI16.11, TuD02.4, TuD03.1, TuD14.1, TuD14.5, WeA14.3, WeC03.3, WeD05.2, WeD09.5, WeD14.1
See also Nonlinear systems



Uncertain systems

ThA12.1, ThA14.6, ThC04.6, ThC06.3, ThC07.4, ThC07.5, ThC08.1, ThC08.5, ThC10.5, ThC14.5, ThD04.3, ThD07.4, ThD12.3, ThD14.4, TuA04.2, TuA06.1, TuA08.6, TuA09.6, TuA10.5, TuA15.4, TuB01.4, TuB04.1, TuB06.2, TuB06.3, TuB06.5, TuB07.6, TuB09.6, TuB12.4, TuB14.5, TuC06.1, TuC10.2, TuC11.2, TuC11.3, TuC11.4, TuC11.5, TuCI16.11, TuD06.5, TuD14.1, TuDI16.3, TuDI16.6, WeA05.3, WeA06.1, WeA06.2, WeA06.3, WeA06.4, WeA06.5, WeA06.6, WeA07.5, WeA09.4, WeA10.4, WeC03.2, WeC06.2, WeC06.3, WeC06.4, WeC06.5, WeD01.2, WeD06.1, WeD06.2, WeD06.3, WeD06.4, WeD06.5, WeD06.6, WeD07.1, WeD11.5, WeSPP.1
See also Randomized algorithms, Robust control



Variational methods

TuC03.4, TuD04.5, WeA07.1
See also Optimization